Join me for daily centering prayer at Eleven28‘s Soul Care site

Guided spiritual meditation with 15 minutes of silence, Monday – Friday

Every person is on a journey.

We carry our own unique baggage, and at certain junctures along the way, we may find ourselves longing for something more. Perhaps the pain of a current or recent loss, the stress of coping with anxiety or depression, or the resurfacing of a past trauma propels us to seek healing. Or maybe it’s a sense of emptiness, of drifting without a clear purpose, the disorientation of a major life transition, or a medical diagnosis. Or simply curiosity, an attraction towards creative expression or new ways of connecting with God.

Whatever brought you here, welcome!

Latest post…

Labyrinth Song

How can I walk unhurried through the buzz-clang-flash of a pinball world Take a calming breath in anger’s face and spy the fear beneath Be the steady rainbow over someone’s troubled waters . . .

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