Beginnings, Part 1

For Celeste

I see you, though you try to hide
Blending into the wall
Daughter of a defective mother
(Whose empty eyes betray her lipstick toothed smile)
You lurk in the corner, timid and sad and skinny
Child of a deceptive poverty
Cinderella’s colorless little sister
Dwelling in the big house, eating ashes
Bearing in silence your public shame and private anguish
Called to be the strong one, the good one
Who needs nothing, demands nothing, receives nothing
Mother’s caretaker during her final years
Of agonizing unraveling

Forgive those who looked away in discomfort
Who did nothing, who made no inquiries
Waited until after the final, successful disaster
To offer any help

For I see you
And I’m telling you
I see a brave and resilient child
Not needless, but worthy of compassion
Not invisible, but beautiful with color and texture
Not deserted, but secretly upheld
Not unscarred, but admirably capable of growth

Sweet girl
Unfold a little
Relax, smile, be silly
Receive my love
Accept these tender tears
You will not slide into the abyss
Because I will hold you tight

by Celeste Boudreaux
Poem and younger self portrait drawing both done in November 2012

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