The Net

a poem for this crisis

an infinitesimal organism sweeps over the globe 
invisible monstrosity lurking outside the window 
we retreat to a safe distance 
huddle in our lonely corners   

but every shadow carries the glimmer of a blessing 
and this one’s is to reveal that we are not captains 
of lone ships far out on solitary oceans   

but luminous droplets, shining jewels 
on a vast and intricate web 
all living things – even the lowly virus, even rocks 
for they are ultimately atoms swirling with energy – 
are connected and held together 
by the Creator of it all   

and now we know that one pluck of a string 
one stirring in a far corner 
reverberates to the whole 
and the world trembles   

yet we are supported by the whole 
the net that seems so delicate is sinewy and resilient 
populated by loving people here and now 
family and neighbors, nurses and grocers 
perhaps even by intersecting webs we cannot see 
guardian angels and souls who cheer us on 
from across the veil, a cloud of witnesses 
giving comfort, encouragement and guidance 
all of us knit together by the patient hand of God   

let us sit for a moment in silence 
and let our hearts 
swell with gratitude 
for all that is 
and send out love and care 
to each trembling dewdrop 
asking for protection for the vulnerable 
for peace and resilience to the whole 
and for wisdom and courage to play our part today

by Celeste Boudreaux, March 17, 2020

I interrupt my regularly scheduled series on art and healing to share with you a collage and poem in response to the current, worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The collage and poem were inspired by the myth of Indra’s net.

Praying for peace, love, protection and healing for you and yours.

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