life begins within
the circle of the womb
silent, still and dark
cells split, bones knit
the first sound heard
by primitive ears
the swish, swish
of mother’s heart

and when time is ripe
the world grips and squeezes
moans build to crescendo of pain
a mighty push with a primal roar
and the child is birthed into the light

then gently placed on maternal skin
encircled again by protective arms
brought to plump bosom
offered a round nipple
drink, darling, drink
this warm, sweet broth of life

even Christ
God incarnate
grew in a womb
born of a woman
nursed at a breast
was not ashamed
to be dependent
trusting, partaking, resting
nourished and strengthened
by the feminine source

on his last evening
he offered his body
take and eat
here the cup of my blood
drink, darlings, drink
this is my body
given for you

God, you are father
and also mother
we come from your womb
we hear the thrum
of your heartbeat
in all of creation
we are held in your arms
and drink from your body
now and forever

by Celeste Boudreaux, June 2020

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