Why I Bring My Camera

I bring my camera to be ready
for that magic moment
when a squirrel, rabbit or deer
will lift its lovely face to me
when a bird or butterfly or dragonfly
will sit still long enough
and let me get close enough
to see its color and markings
will allow a snapshot
to be studied later in wonder

I bring a camera as a third eye
that sees the beauty of the everyday
in the pattern of a gravel walkway
an old mosaic under a window
trees, shadows and reflections
the iridescent wings of a fly
the interesting fruit on that evergreen tree
If I hadn't stopped to snap some closeups
would I ever have noticed it really?
 with my camera I pay homage
to all the world around me
it's a small ceremony, a slight bow
or a lifetime achievement award
to honor the dignity and worth
of the lives and existence of each subject
almost to see the world from their point of view

whether an oak tree or the water spigot
on the side of a building 
or a dead heron on the grass
a respectful photo is a gift
received with gratitude and empathy
when nature is graciously
and generously amenable 
to pausing for a moment
to smile and pose

by Celeste Boudreaux, May 2019

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