WATER (3 of 4, God in the Elements)

God of Water

You, God of Life
are the God of Water
Without you we shrivel and die
You built into our design
the craving for you
and how generously you quench our urgent need!
From quiet pools to chattering streams
unstoppable rivers to the vast ocean depths

And even more mysteriously
you splash the earth in joyful abandon
on the just and unjust
rainy riches pour down from the sky
Who but you could have conceived such a thing?
and dew appears from nowhere 
and as magically, disappears again
Also waters springing up from the depths
of rock, preternaturally cold or steaming heat

I need you, how I need you!
Let me drink deeply
          again and ever again
fill me with you
Turn my deserts into gardens
     tended, nourished, flourishing
          greening and blooming
     ever and ever partaking
till I stand in your waterfalls
deafened by your thunder
and blind to all but you

by Celeste Boudreaux, May 2022

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