EARTH (4 of 4, God in the Elements)

The Ground of Being

You made this earth in Your image, O God
Ground under our feet, solid and still
In the sacred garden, we rose up out of the soil,
dust children,
and we spend our lives never leaving it.

All day and night, gravity pulls us towards the earth
We honor its weight and stability
From this holy ground we are nourished and sustained
Our roots like a tree grow down deep
rooted and grounded in Your love
so that we can grow tall and spread wide

Teach us to yield to You as clay is softened
by the warmth of the potter's hands
to take a deep breath and leave off fighting
and resisting, trusting that the pressures 
that mold us are truly the hands of love

One day the mystery of these bodies made of clay
will return to the earth from which they rose
a rich compost for newly living creatures
until they are somehow remade
in the new world to come 

by Celeste Boudreaux, June 2022

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