In Praise of the Sun

Rays of sunlight beaming down like a gentle fan
set translucent spring leaves ablaze
midges become fairy lights, swirling sparks
pink buttercups glow as they lift their white and yellow hearts
in greeting towards the rising sun
which makes a sparkling trail leading me
towards its radiance across the wind ruffled lake

I love how you dance through the waving boughs of the oaks
splashing the grass like paint on a canvas
how you wash the trees, luminous pale against deepest shade
all of nature comes alive and flourishes in your extravagant light
the glow of an opening in the woods draws me
with mystery and promise
my heart surges towards it irresistibly
“Go towards the light” is our instinctive pull
you ever draw us towards yourself

You impregnate leaves and blades of grass
and they give birth to every shade of green
against the solid, comforting brown of tree bark and of soil
the spritely sprinkles of spring wildflowers
in lavender, snowy white, lemon and cotton candy
Thank you for all the impossible hues
with which you saturate our world!

by Celeste Boudreaux, April 2022

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