Labyrinth Song

How can I walk unhurried through the buzz-clang-flash of a pinball world
Take a calming breath in anger’s face and spy the fear beneath
Be the steady rainbow over someone’s troubled waters
Learn to ask for help when I’m the one floundering?

How can I defy my own impossibles, believing that the tiniest foothold is enough
Have eyes that look beyond surface judgements to see a winsome soul
Choose to face the light when shadows follow behind
Promise never to let a small beauty pass unnoticed?

How can I be a stubborn green shoot pushing through a sidewalk crack
Listen long and patiently to hear the whale in the ocean’s deep
Sing my own soul’s song, unafraid, unafraid
Let go of everything when its time has come
And hold on for dear life to love?

by Celeste Boudreaux, February 2023

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