Spiritual Companionship

Scheduling through Eleven:28.org. Appointments are one hour. Use discount code FIRSTFREE to receive your first session at no charge.

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What is a spiritual companion?

  • A spiritual companion is trained in an ancient Christian practice sometimes referred to as spiritual direction to be:
    • An ally on the spiritual journey
    • A loving listener
    • A safe, non-judgmental friend

“All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.”

James Thurber

What does a spiritual companion do?

  • Welcomes you into God’s presence
  • Listens to the ongoing conversation between you and God
  • Provides a time and space for slowing down, for quietness, for reflection

What is the goal of spiritual companionship?

  • Spiritual formation and growth
  • Becoming aware of God’s hand, presence, and loving voice in one’s everyday life
  • Authenticity, trust and intimacy in one’s relationship with God
  • Recognizing and moving away from one’s false self, and towards one’s true self
  • Clarity and surrender

What happens during a spiritual companionship session?

  • Silence
  • Prayer, maybe a scripture or poem
  • Quiet talking
  • Thoughtful questions

How does this work?

  • Sessions are usually once a month for one hour.
  • The cost per session is $75, which helps to fund my ongoing professional training. Discounts for specific situations, such as for people training to become spiritual directors, may be available. If you’d like to book your first session as a free trial, go to my appointments page and enter the coupon code FIRSTFREE.
  • Sessions can be held face-to-face or over the internet.

To see my availability and book a session, start here.
If you’d like to communicate directly with me first, please contact me.

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