Poems & Musings

Why I Bring My Camera

I bring my camera to be ready
for that magic moment
when a squirrel, rabbit or deer
will lift its lovely face to me
when a bird or butterfly or dragonfly
will sit still long enough . . .

The Alabaster Jar

with a loud crack
broken alabaster in my hands
my heart also breaks open
releasing a roiling wave of scent
heavy and musky
speaking of earth
of buried seeds . . .

Wrestling Angels

One of the stranger stories of the Bible is about Jacob wrestling with an angel. Apparently, this patriarch spent all night wrestling with an angel, saying, “I will not let you go until you bless me.” . . .

Glimpsing God

When I am alone
when I let go of my doing
and sink into my being
Sometimes I hear a whisper
of my now and not yet . . .


It’s still dark when I open the back door to let in the cat, but something calls me to step out into the cool stillness. At the edge of the concrete, like Moses, I slip off my sandals and step onto the hallowed grass, cold and wet with dew. . .

The Egg

I am one who waits
within the midnight of this shell
I feel my own fragility
all the possibilities for disaster
cracked exterior
and oozing shame . . .


I AM the radiant sunburst, the painted skyscape
behind the power lines and strip malls

I AM the roiling storm clouds of deep blue gray . . .

The Raven

I wanted blue jays and cardinals with their bright wings,
the mockingbird’s song, its fluttering dance,
the gentle mourning dove.

Then came the Raven. . .

Cast Out into the Deep

Listen to the quiet voice:
Cast out into the deep…

Leave your striving on the surface
hurry and stress
worry and drivenness . . .


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