Poems & Musings

Where the River Will Go

Quit trying to corral the river
to slow it down
or to touch every drop
or to steer it away
from the danger of the waterfall . . .

Where I’m From *

I am from cotton hand-me-downs, hemmed to fit, / From Carnation powdered milk / And big biscuit Nabisco Shredded Wheat. / From racing and yelling, “I’LL GET IT!” / Whenever the black rotary phone rang…

In Praise of the Sun

In Praise of the Sun
Rays of sunlight beaming down like a gentle fan
set translucent spring leaves ablaze
midges become fairy lights, swirling sparks . . .

EARTH (4 of 4, God in the Elements)

You made this earth in Your image, O God
Ground under our feet, solid and still
In the sacred garden, we rose up out of the soil,
dust children,
and we spend our lives never leaving it . . .

Why I Bring My Camera

I bring my camera to be ready
for that magic moment
when a squirrel, rabbit or deer
will lift its lovely face to me
when a bird or butterfly or dragonfly
will sit still long enough . . .

The Alabaster Jar

with a loud crack
broken alabaster in my hands
my heart also breaks open
releasing a roiling wave of scent
heavy and musky
speaking of earth
of buried seeds . . .

Wrestling Angels

One of the stranger stories of the Bible is about Jacob wrestling with an angel. Apparently, this patriarch spent all night wrestling with an angel, saying, “I will not let you go until you bless me.” . . .

Glimpsing God

When I am alone
when I let go of my doing
and sink into my being
Sometimes I hear a whisper
of my now and not yet . . .


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