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Morning Glory

a tubular shoot / tightly coiled / tense and closed / petals hoarding, protecting / something private / and oh so tender . . .

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Expectant Mary, a Christmas Poem

holy seed / sprouts and grows / in silence / in darkness / in secret / new life flutters / with presence / with promise . . .

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Outburst, a Christmas Poem

a quiet announcement / to a cousin to hide / a dream in the darkness / a virginal bride / it happens so softly / so covered from view . . .

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The Blessing of the Trees (1/10)

I came to the woods
harried and drained
weary and thirsty
to seek the blessing of the trees
in the breeze came their whispers . . .

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Loosing the Leash

Dawn means walk time
before the heat of day
builds to full, suffocating force
So my doggie companion and I
pile in the car
and it’s off to the wild

Into the park he leads me
but with many pauses
to sniff the ground
to taste the grass …

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life begins within
the circle of the womb
silent, still and dark
cells split, bones knit
the first sound heard
by primitive ears
the swish, swish
of mother’s heart

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Art & Healing: Photography (5/6)

The next two posts in this series on art and healing are two of the most accessible art media in the modern world. I remember the days when each photograph I took cost money in film, flash bulbs and developing/printing. And talk about delayed gratification! To save money, I used to send off my film by mail to be developed and mailed back to me, so it was weeks before I saw the results . . .

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A cool morning breeze stirs the treetops
A swarm of midges become fireflies in the slanting light
Cottontails twitch their soft brown ears
   but hardly pause their breakfast as I pass by . . .

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Yahweh, Breath of Life

Yahweh, Breath of Life

Tell me your name, murmured Moses
Yahweh, came the answer
So you taught us your name
an inhale: Yahhh
exhale: Wehhh

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Art & Healing: Poetry (3/6)

Amending a Life

plastic tubs hauled out of the  car
I’m pleased with the new buddleja, caladium and pentas
for which I trolled the garden center
finding secrets from a treasure hunt
can’t wait to get them in the ground
to see what grows, what blossoms
what will take root and become a feature
a fixture, a remember when I planted that?

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