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Art & Healing: Drawing (1/6)

“Jesus loves me, this I know / For the Bible tells me so.” So we used to sing in Sunday School. But I didn’t feel like a well-loved child because of how I was raised.

I never really realized how wrong my childhood was until I became a parent myself. . .

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Journey to the Center of the Heart

Eve’s Journey
Exiled from the garden of perfection
I journey on my forced march
Fearful and desperate
Searching, clutching, clinging…

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Finding the Glimmer

“How do I know what my issues are?”
Our teacher looked dumbfounded. My perfectly innocent question seemed to stump her. It was 2004, and my husband, Keith, and I were in training to be lay counselors and support group leaders in our church…

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The Soul Jewel

“You’re about to lose that diamond,” said the jeweler conversationally. My eyebrows shot up in surprise. I had come in to have another ring resized. She just happened to see that two of the prongs on my wedding ring had worn completely off the top, and the others were dangerously thin.

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Beginnings, Part 2

I wrote that “For Celeste” poem in 2012 when I was in the middle of a health crisis that had set me on a path of desperately seeking a new way of living, a new way of understanding and treating myself, and deeper healing of the trauma and deprivation of my childhood. I had been […]

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