I AM the radiant sunburst, the painted skyscape
behind the power lines and strip malls

I AM the roiling storm clouds of deep blue gray . . .

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The Raven

I wanted blue jays and cardinals with their bright wings,
the mockingbird’s song, its fluttering dance,
the gentle mourning dove.
I wanted sweetness
and peace
and light entertainment out my window.

Then came the Raven. . .

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Cast Out into the Deep

Listen to the quiet voice:
Cast out into the deep…

Leave your striving on the surface
hurry and stress
worry and drivenness . . .

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The Dance of Light and Darkness

in the beginning
God made darkness

dark was the water
in the formless void
and the Spirit hovered there
caressing the darkness
resting in silence
through eons untold . . .

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The Well: a parable

“See,” comes a Voice from nowhere.

To open my eyes is to see where I am,
stuck at the bottom of a dark, damp well,
burdened down with all my petty and self-defensive strategies.

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The Wetlands Park

In the dark stillness comes a chirp, a trill
And in the background always the low rumble and growl of the city
The sky gently lightens to misty aqua over glowing gold
The trees are black lace shadows
Birds and crickets coax the dawn . . .

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The Stray Kitten

When I was a girl
I found a stray kitten
Feral and frightened
it ran and hid
and would not come
to my kitty-kitty calls . . .

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More (4/4, Lifecycle)

an egg
buttery yellow
oval and intricately ridged
barely visible
but infused with the flow of life
its mother chose just the right leaf tender, moist, sunlit
then curved her tail
and prayerfully laid just one…

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Butterfly (3/4, Lifecycle)

There is nothing so magical as the moment when a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis. I never get tired of it, and it never fails to bring a smile to my lips…

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Chrysalis (2/4, Lifecycle)

“God calls the caterpillar to the cocoon.” That sentence came to me with the force of a revelation of special meaning. To most people it sounds odd, banal or silly, to others obvious. But to me it was a thunderbolt, a pronouncement that explained what was happening to me. It was in 2013(?), when I […]

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