Elegy for the Good Little Girl

Let us remember and lay to rest
a creature so compliant
that she took the rules
and swallowed them whole
creating her own iron maiden

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The Female God

Already warning bells are clanging in the heads of many of my fellow, conservative-leaning Christians. It has been drilled into us to abhor the ancient goddesses, who were worshipped with such practices as public temple prostitution. Historically, we Protestants . . .

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Is God Male?

There’s a part of me that is surprised by this question. Well, of course. Don’t we use the male pronouns whenever we speak of God? I know I have all my life. God is Father. Jesus is a man. And in our churches . . .

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life begins within
the circle of the womb
silent, still and dark
cells split, bones knit
the first sound heard
by primitive ears
the swish, swish
of mother’s heart

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The Feminine Wound

What happens when a Dutiful Daughter grows up and gets married? If she has 1) internalized her strict upbringing, 2) through hardship had the playfulness wrung out of her, 3) learned to avoid criticism by suppressing her true feelings, ideas and opinions when necessary, and 4) converted to evangelicalism as a young teen, there’s really one obvious path for her: become a minister’s wife. So that’s what I did.

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The Dutiful Daughter

I don’t hate men. To the contrary, in general I quite like them. The funny thing is that, when I think about my own particular feminine wound, on balance, more of it has been inflicted by the women in my life than by men.

*** Dutiful Daughter of the Patriarchy collage ***

The phrase “the feminine wound” was coined by Sue Monk Kidd in her book, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. …

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