I used to think I was alone
here within myself
alone in my struggle to be
I thought
I ought
to be . . .

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Shitty Shame

Shame is shit
From toddlerhood we are taught
to hold it, control it, to flush it into oblivion
Yet, try as we might
we are never free of it . . .

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Labyrinth Song

How can I walk unhurried through the buzz-clang-flash of a pinball world

Take a calming breath in anger’s face and spy the fear beneath

Be the steady rainbow over someone’s troubled waters . . .

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Distracted by Beauty

Sometimes it splashes you in the face
brazen and breathtaking
as ice cold water

But how many more moments
slip by unnoticed

(for she rarely raises her voice) . . .

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A Heart Story

My heart’s wound is an old old story /
It chatters in the background day and night . . .

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EARTH (4 of 4, God in the Elements)

You made this earth in Your image, O God
Ground under our feet, solid and still
In the sacred garden, we rose up out of the soil,
dust children,
and we spend our lives never leaving it . . .

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WATER (3 of 4, God in the Elements)

You, God of Life
are the God of Water
Without you we shrivel and die
You built into our design
the craving for you . . .

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FIRE (2 of 4, God in the Elements)

We who sleep are awakened by your holy blaze
Glory and love infuse the earth with sweetness . . .

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WIND (1 of 4, God in the Elements)

Feather on the Breath of God
tiny feather, downy white
tucked under the wing
of mother dove
close to her breast
near to her heart
warm and safe
hidden, obscured . . .

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Elegy for the Good Little Girl

Let us remember and lay to rest
a creature so compliant
that she took the rules
and swallowed them whole
creating her own iron maiden

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